Incorporating Video in the Classroom

  • Identify six reasons why video should be used in instructional settings
  • Identify ways that video can be used in instructional settings

Ebook from TechLearning

Digital Storytelling: What Does it Look Like?
Examples: Stories about someone important to you; Places, Events, and Turning Points; Stories about recovery and healing; Documenting history and the lives of others; Stories of community and culture; Taking a stand/Making a point; Stories of classrooms and education; Stories that teach or explain; (Re)Telling tales; Creative expressions.

"Jumping Off" Points
Adobe's Digital Kids Club
Apple Learning Interchange
Bubbe's Back Porch
and many, many more.

Why Do It? Make Your Case
  • Enduring Understanding
  • Writing Skills
  • Visual and Media Literacy
  • Technology Skills
  • Other 21st Century Skills
  • Motivation and Engagement

Digital Storytelling Toolbox
Resources for:

  • Editing Software
  • Free Music & Images
  • Other Software tools
  • Hardware components recommended by the Center for Digital Storytelling

How To...Use Digital Images and Video

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