EDT 6350 Digital Graphics and Instructional Design

Lesson One

Getting Started

Lesson Two

"Rationale for Multimedia Use and Instruction in Education"

Dreamweaver: Getting Started with Dreamweaver
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Lesson Three

"The Language of Design"

Dreamweaver: Developing a Web Page
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Lesson Four

"Foundations of Design and Typography"

Dreamweaver: Working with Text and Graphics
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Lesson Five

Planning doc on Gliffy

Discussion for Lesson Five

Flash: Getting Started with Flash
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Lesson Six

Flash: Drawing Objects in Flash

Discussion for Lesson Six
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Lesson Seven

Flash: Working with Symbols and Interactivity

Discussion for Lesson Seven
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Lesson Eight

Flash: Creating Animations

Discussion for Lesson Eight
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Lesson Nine

Flash: Creating Special Effects

Discussion for Lesson Nine
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Lesson Ten

Fireworks: Getting Started with Fireworks

Discussion for Lesson Ten
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Lesson Eleven

Fireworks: Working with Objects
Discussion for Lesson Eleven
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Lesson Twelve

Fireworks: Importing, Selecting and Modifying Graphics
Discussion for Lesson Twelve
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Lesson Thirteen

**Integrating Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver"
Discussion for Lesson Thirteen
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